Proven Success on Amazon.

Learn more about the success our clients have seen with our proven solutions. 

Discovering Untapped Sales Potential

In the partnership’s first year, the brand saw sales increase by 10x. In the second year sales doubled again, achieving the original 20x growth target. Aside from sales growth, the partners worked closely together to find operational efficiencies that helped the brand cut costs in MAP policing and warehouse operations.


Managing Brand Presence Globally

As an agency partner, BrandCentric collaborated with the brand’s marketing team to design more than 500 listings that are consistent with the brand’s core messaging and optimized for Amazon’s A9 search algorithm. BrandCentric then implemented and maintained the quality of each listing throughout the season.


Recovering from an Unmanaged Amazon Presence

After coordinating with the brand’s marketing team, BrandCentric began a full-scale branding makeover which included listings being de-duplicated and redesigned, a custom store built, and advertising campaigns built and monitored. The consolidated catalog improved visibility in search, earning “Amazon’s Choice” on several key products for high volume search phrases. On-brand messaging throughout the listings has transformed Amazon into a search reference that benefits all distribution channels, especially those off Amazon.


Strategic Amazon Retailer

As your 3rd party seller, our goal is to enrich your brand on the largest marketing and sales platform. When paired with our agency services, our customized retail strategies provide a unified retail process with the highest ROI. Your brand is an extension of ours and we will work until brand excellence is achieved. We are here and ready to help.


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