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BrandCentric Ecommerce Ranks No. 288 on the 2021 Inc. 5000

Inc. Magazine Reveals Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000. BrandCentric ranks 288 overall and 18 in retail.

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Amazon Predictions for Brands During COVID-19

In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic and a near shutdown of most retail operations, Amazon has reported seeing significant increases in demand. As doorstep delivery becomes more of a necessity than a luxury, Amazon is rising to the challenge. 

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So, Most Searches Start on Amazon. Now What?

You might remember the 2016 study by Bloomreach that claimed 55% of all product searches start on Amazon. If you are in Amazon circles, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the 55% number thrown around.  The news shocked the retail world because it challenged the common conception that search engines, namely Google, dominated product search. 

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Amazon Dominates Google in Non-Branded Search.  Here are the Implications for Brands.

While Google is the most dominant search engine overall, Amazon is finding its niche along the search giant as the preferred search engine for non-branded product search.  This means Amazon is the leading digital platform for appealing to customers who do not have your brand in mind when shopping.

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Amazon Advertising: How Brands Should Think About, Manage, and Fund Advertising on Amazon

Why is Amazon advertising a big deal for my brand?

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In-house or Outsource: 5 Criteria to Choose the Right Catalog Management Solution for Your Brand

Most brands are thoughtful in evaluating the best way to optimize their Amazon catalog, but the decision process often takes months and there is a high occurrence of buyers remorse because the management solution they chose is unable or unwilling to complete the catalog implementation.  This blog is intended to help brands thoroughly and expeditiously make this evaluation to determine the best management solution for them. There are five primary criteria for making this evaluation: amount of catalog needing optimization, incentive alignment, support, cost, and time to implement.  The three catalog management options are managing in-house, delegating to an existing 3P seller, or working with a professional catalog agency.  We have seen all three options work out, and all three options fail, so you’ll also hear about the key indicators when each option is best for brands.  There is a comparison chart at the end of this post to accompany the material.

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5 Reasons Why Amazon MAP Enforcement and Brand Presence Must Happen Simultaneously

Enforcing MAP and overhauling your brand’s presence in the wild west of Amazon is an overwhelming task. Because of the lack of controls Amazon provides to brands, the lack of experience brands have with these endeavors, and the lack of time to dedicate to doing it well, these topics are rightfully overwhelming. Their long term implications for your brand are obvious and because of that, brands are courageously tackling these projects like their future depends on it. Because it does.

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How to Develop and Implement a Beautiful Amazon Catalog

Your brand has as rich legacy with years of reputation and quality product. Over the years, you have refined your messaging to find your unique market niche and then developed a media and communication strategy around that messaging. Significant time and resources have been invested into producing beautiful marketing assets to tell your story well and connect to customers. Now honestly ask yourself, “how is my brand doing at implementing this investment on Amazon?” For most brands in 2019, their Amazon presence is…well…not up to brand standards.

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